Services We Offer

IBM i Software Development and Services

ExcelSystems Software Development, ULC. (ESD) has been developing software for the IBM i for more than 20 years, specializing in programmer productivity tools. Our broad and varied product suite is a reflection of our constant innovation and growth.

We began with green-screen application development tools, generating RPG and RPG IV code. Our original core product, ProGen Plus, was also complemented by a set of utilities for creating files (DbGen) and working with database records (File-Flash Plus). Over the years we have grown with the available technologies, and much of our current focus is on building CGI and PHP web applications served from the iSeries, with the WebSmart family of products (WebSmart ILE, PHP and Clover). Our latest product, Presto, is yet another area of innovation for our company, and fills out our very robust suite of web-enabling software tools.

Along the way we also took a turn into document management tools, and Spool-Explorer, Catapult and EZ-Pickin's have proven themselves in a wide range of mission-critical applications for our customers, and fuel another area of significant revenue for our company.

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IBM i Web Development

Our Professional Services team has been a natural outgrowth from the creation of the WebSmart family of IBM i web application development and modernization tools (encompassing WebSmart ILE & PHP, Nexus, Clover and now Presto). We have a large team of in-house web developers working with large and small clients to develop a wide range of browser based applications, from B2B to e-commerce web sites running on IBM i.

Development work is done remotely from our offices. Our developers enjoy diverse application exposure and the opportunity to work with many different companies world wide. Travel is only occasionally required and designed to fit each employee"s family circumstances and desire to travel. Learn more »

Web based or onsite training

Attend training courses to get the most out of BCD products or to learn PHP development. We offer training on all BCD products and PHP, from 4 day onsite or public seminars to web based sessions broken down into 2 hour sessions. Anyone can attend the courses and they are a great help if you want to take over the maintenance or extension of the applications provided by our services.

Technical Support

ESD provides unlimited telephone and email support to all our active customers. Because our product suite is weighted heavily to application development tools, most of our time in support is spent working with professional programmers, assisting them in the creation of business applications. We have a well-staffed, highly capable team that also handles on-site software training throughout the world, performs software demos using GoToMeeting and hosts public webinars for hundreds of attendees. Our support team is also involved in developing many of our in-house applications, as well as creating product bug fixes, handling some of the product QA load, and even spot the Professional Services team in a pinch.

At ESD we have always operated our support services on a simple, common-sense premise: How would you like to be treated when you call for help? When our customers call, they talk to us immediately (not a machine), and our team is trained to help any caller with any type of issue - from troubleshooting their JavaScript on a web page to discussing approaches to designing an application or walking through the installation of one of our tools. Our support feedback ratings generally average over a 95% approval rating. Solid relationships with our customers are part of our foundation for stable, long-term growth in the marketplace.

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