Our Customers

What our Customers Have to Say About Us

Whether it's to assist you with web design or to build an entire web application, ExcelSystems strives for excellence. ExcelSystems is proud of the success our clients continue to experience with our services. A small sample of what our clients say about us appears below.

David Larsen, Director of Information Systems -- Murray City

"ExcelSystems and BCD have been excellent to work with. This has been one of the most satisfying experiences with a development project I have ever encountered. The staff and management were very professional and competent. They accommodated our installation and community needs. Everything works the way it was planned. ExcelSystems went out of their way to work with changes Murray City requested late in the project. We are now planning other applications using WebSmart and ExcelSystems. I would highly recommend ExcelSystems and BCD WebSmart IDE."

Paul Cree, Senior Supervisor of Programming -- Nippon Express USA

"We had a very tight deadline and no resources (in house) to complete it in the time allowed. The customer required a detailed development plan that had to be adhered to, to the letter. We had a lot to do just to complete the plan with the customer. Mike (Mike Richard, BCD WebSmart developer) completed the first phase in good time and everyone was pleased with the outcome. "

Don Erikson, Manager Information Systems -- EGS-EG

"Enlisting help from various consulting groups has given me many levels of satisfaction and confidence (or lack of) . When I contacted BCD Consulting Group to assist in web based projects, of which I had some but limited knowledge, I did not know what to expect or how my lack of expertise in this area would play out.

I was very impressed with the outcome. In ExcelSystems Consulting, I had found, not only a group which did the work I requested, but a team that also brought out the pitfalls and better ways of accomplishing the end result. My lack of expertise soon gave way to a comfortable learning relationship while our web site grew and matured.

Now with 80% of our web programming being done in-house, we still relay on BCD Consulting Group when a 'best practice' question arises or we get in to a new area. Any project overload is quickly and easily transferred to BCD Consulting for an on time completion.

BCD Consulting has made what could have been a difficult transition to web based programming a smooth one by being more than just another consulting house."

Doug Long, Vice President of Information Systems -- EGS-EG

"We looked at other solutions-- costing two hundred thousand dollars to one million plus for all the bells and whistles. We thought at that point we would just keep the one based on Domino, but then we found WebSmart. The price of the software and the services involved in doing the initial website for us with WebSmart was less than $30,000."

Gary McCarty, IS Director -- City of Sitka

"The BCD Consulting Group helped me take my ideas and move them through the design, programming and implementation phases of the project. They provided expertise in everything from page design to secure internet transaction processing. Their programming staff is very efficient and provided great value for our consulting dollars."

Ellery Soifer, IS Manager -- Tricots Liesse

"Utilizing the skills of the consulting group at BCD allows me to get my app developed and work with their programmers so that I'm able to maintain and enhance the programs. This represents a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time web developer."

Gary Stewart, AS/400 Applications Development and Support Manager -- Hickory Farms

"We had less than a month to get some very high profile mission critical applications up and running. We needed a tool that gave us the horsepower to get it done pronto."