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View our customer gallery below to see how we can help you. We have a proven track record and have worked with small organizations with 1 person IT shops to large Fortune 500 organizations. This gallery highlights examples from various industries and a wide range of applications.

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Saanich SD63

Saanich School District 63 - Education CMS

School District 63 in Saanich, BC contracted ExcelSystems to redesign and redevelop their public web site which was difficult to maintain and needed to be modernized. A series of meetings were held to establish the feature set and design characteristics that SD63 was looking for. The decision was made to use Drupal CMS for the site. ExcelSystems migrated some of the existing content to the new site and then provided training to SD63 personnel so they could manage the site independently. Several themes were created for the site so check back periodically as the site look and feel changes to keep it looking fresh and current. The new site is easy for the staff to maintain as it does not require them to have HTML knowledge to update content. Four themes were created to give the site a different look during each of the four seasons.

View the site at http://www.sd63.bc.ca/ »

Silver Jeans

Silver Jeans - eCommerce

Western Glove Works, based in Winnipeg, is one of Canada's largest and best known manufacturers of denim products. Their quality jeans and clothing are known by several recognizable brand names such as Silver Jeans and Jag Jeans. WGW contracted ExcelSystems to assist them with the redevelopment and redesign of their ecommerce web sites. The development approach provides for a single code base for all four sites allowing each site to have a very unique and distinctive look while at the same time integrating with WGW database and order fulfillment system without any unique programming for each site. In addition to the ecommerce applications, WGW and ExcelSystems have worked successfully to create a new B2B and Sales Rep site for retail orders.

View the sites: Silver Jeans and Jag Jeans.


Murray City, UT

Murray City, UT - Utility Billing

Murray City's web site was redesigned and revamped providing improved information access and on-line applications. The On-Line Utility system was one of the applications that Murray City wanted to move directly onto the iSeries platform. This provides real time access to data and eliminates using another web application server and the associated costs for hardware, software, and programming.

City of Kearney, NB

City of Kearney, NB - Utility Billing

The City of Kearney's internal applications worked very well however there was growing demand from the citizens of Kearney for access to information related to Utility Billing. Kearney contracted ExcelSystems to develop a Web based Utility Billing System to meet this demand. The application interacts directly with Kearney's existing DB2 tables and provides citizens with current account status, billing history, usage history and payment facility via the web. There is also an option to show billing and usage history graphically via bar charts.

As Mike Klaus, Director of Kearney's IT Department put it: "The project went extremely well, the folks at ESD we worked with were very competent and knowledgeable. It was an end to end solution - if we had issues, they were handled correctly, quickly and professionally".

Retail - eCommerce

Hans Johnsen

Hans Johnsen Bikes - B2B

B2B site originally hosted by ISP and now moved to their IBM i server that provides real time access to data and is integrated directly into their order fulfillment system.

Universal Music - Royalty Tracking

Universal Music- Royalty Tracking

Carlos is an internal application used at Universal Music for tracking royalties by artists, catalog numbers (i.e. product - CD's, DVD's, etc.) and titles. It is used by 28 different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greece, Thailand to name a few and was created by ExcelSystems and highlights the web apps multi-lingual capabilities.

Wenger Corporation - B2B and B2C eCommerce site for music, theatre and athletic equipment

Wenger - B2B and B2C eCommerce

B2B and B2C eCommerce site for music, theatre and athletic equipment.

View the Wenger site »


Mitsubishi FUSO

Mitsubishi Fuso - Dealer Extranet

Fusonet is an extranet portal used to conduct business with the dealerships that sell Fuso trucks. The applications are tightly integrated with their ERP system running on the iSeries. This allows real time data and transactions when dealers inquire on availability of trucks or parts, buy trucks and spare parts, and manage warranty claims. Mitsubishi Fuso is able to present information on the complete life cycle of a truck from the time it is ordered from the factory to when the dealers sell it to an end user.

FleetPride Heavy Duty Experts

FleetPride - B2B

Developed FleetPride online, a full featured B2B web application that serves numerous clients and locations across the US and Canada.

Nippon Express - Delivery Order Management System

Nippon Express - Delivery Order Management System

The Delivery Order Management System provides functionality to manage delivery orders to be shipped via Sea Vessels or Air Shipments. Parts will be entered into the system for an order. These parts are then used to load into containers. These containers will be loaded into the appropriate vessels which will be shipped and delivered to the proper destination. History records are maintained for each part, container and vessel so it is easy to track the progress of any entity in the system.


UniPharm - Web Orders

UniPharm - Web Orders

UniPHARM implemented a major internal ERP package with the objective of improving the organizations ability to service shareholders and customers. Most of these customers are pharmacies that order pharmaceuticals and consumer products directly from uniPHARM. Previously, these orders were processed via an Electronic Order Book (EOB) package that required each pharmacy to install and configure this software on a local PC. Orders were transmitted via e-mail resulting in a variety of problems associated with such an old, unreliable system. This system did not provide uniPHARM’s clients with real time data, validation, pricing or order confirmation.

uniPHARM recognized that the best solution would be a browser based application. This solution would remove dependence on third party proprietary client software running on each PC. It would also facilitate access to real time data, validation, pricing and order entry. After investigating several solutions, uniPHARM selected WebSmart as their tool of choice to build the application. They also contracted the services of the ExcelSystems consulting group to build the application.

Read the Unipharm Case Study (PDF) »

Manufacturing - Distributors and Sales

Hornady Sales

Hornady - Sales

Sales reps spread across the country now get real time sales data in the form of web reports, graphical drill downs and order inquiries, much of which replaced Query 400.

EGS Electrical

EGS Electrical

To deliver information to their distributors, sales reps and managers, EGS contracted ExcelSystems to assist them with the development of their browser-based applications. Web programs were already in place and servicing requests for the Appleton and McGill product lines. With the recent consolidation of their database, web applications now service the entire EGS product line currently available at their internal, password-protected site.

Formica - Rebate System

Formica - Rebate System

Improved distributor relations, communications and reduced administrative costs with online rebate system. Since then, Formica's IT group have implemented other projects on their own highlighting that many ExcelSystems clients manage and build on the applications independently.